Buhari: Balarabe Musa and former petroleum minister disagree

— President Buhari tears Balarabe Musa and David-West apart
— Musa says President Buhari lacks ability to govern Nigeria
— David-West says Buhari is the only one good enough to lead Nigeria
Balarabe Musa, a former governor of old Kaduna state and Prof. Tam David-West, a former petroleum resources minister are in disagreement over the ability of President Muhammadu Buhari to govern the country.
Both men spoke in an interview with Daily Sun on Monday evening.
According to Musa, a former presidential candidate of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), Buhari’s administration was using the falling crude oil prices at the international market as a cover up for its inefficiency and lack of direction on how to address the nation’s socio-economic problems.
We have to be honest to ourselves; this government has spent over seven months yet, there is no convincing economic blueprint on ground on how we can reinvent our economy. It is showing very well that it lacks ideas; it cannot cope with our severe economic challenges.
“To tell you that this government lacks idea about the economy, it knew that the price of oil was at $38 at the time it was preparing the budget, it pegged the benchmark at $35 instead of $28. Look at the foreign exchange mess we have been into. Government does not know how to handle the situation,” he said.
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